Restored Moms - Restored Kids

Is your Child struggling with any of these symptoms?

Easily distracted

Lack of focus


Impulsive behavior

Hard time handling emotions

Inconsistent moods

Symptoms are from hidden stressors, if they are not identified and removed, they will continue to wear the body down, leading to more symptoms.

If you don’t fix this now, what will the symptoms be like in 5 years?

Imagine if…

Your child had more balanced





As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® (FDN) Practitioner and Certified Metabolic Typing ® Advisor (CMTA), I assist clients in finding the underlying cause of their health complaints instead of treating the symptoms. I do not diagnose nor treat disease but seek healing opportunities instead.

Hidden Stressors from Diet, Environment, Pathogens, Inflammation or Neurotransmitters could be causing symptoms for your child.

If you are interested in learning more about how I work, I offer a free 20 minute strategy session so we can determine if this is a good fit for you.

I work with clients online and over the phone so location is not a problem.

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